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HOT JOB SoC Performance Modeling Arch Cupertino, CA

Cupertino, CA, USA

Job Type

Full time




About the Role

Focusing on product definition, road map discussion, new technology introducing, SoC development supporting. Possess in-depth understanding of various key modules commonly found in SoCs, such as CPU, Graphics, Computer Vision, Multimedia (Audio/Video/ISP), DDR Controller, Cache Coherency, Memory Consistency, Fabric, Power Management, Security, and System architecture.

-  Strong problem-solving, analytical, and innovative abilities. Keep an eye on industry trends and new technologies, continuously driving chip architecture optimization and innovation.



·          SoC fabric performance modelling, studies, and analysis

·          Understanding interconnect usage models and key performance indicators

·          Defining, planning, and scoping the performance modelling, studies, and analysis work.

·          Distilling architectural and micro-architectural information down to the performance -important factors.

·          Supporting architecture, design, and validation efforts throughout the entire product life cycle

·          Conducting forward looking research and development for next generation client fabric systems

·          Developing analytical and simulation models, creating analysis tools, identifying bottlenecks, and presenting results.

·          Inventing and modelling features that solve key problems and improve performance, power, area, and cost.

·          Working with software and other enabling teams to continuously improve performance modeling infrastructure



·          CPU Architecture and microarchitecture, SoC architecture

·          SoC interconnect fabrics, Accelerators, I/O architecture, or client platform architecture

·          Simulation based performance modeling and analysis

·         Software engineering and debug skills such as C++, GIT, Python

·         Bachelor’s degree in Electronic/Computer Engineering or Computer Science, or related field with 10+ years of relevant experience. Master’s degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or related field with 8+ years of relevant experience.  Or PhD degree with 5+ years of relevant experience.

About the Company

The company is seeking an energetic and highly motivated CPU architect to drive future CPU hardware requirements that meet product vision, including considerations for feature requirements, CPU and silicon capabilities and power budgets. The ideal candidate would have the capabilities required to perform detailed system analysis and trade off evaluations while pushing boundaries in this wide technology space with the goal of arriving at the most optimal solutions.

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